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Natural Therapy Coaching – Running a successful practice

Do you find that you are attracting clients who are expecting a ‘magic pill’ cure?

A successful Natural Therapy practice, should have processes in place to educate clients on what they can realistically expect during their treatment.

If your clients are expecting a miracle, they may very well feel dissatisfied after one or two visits, when the miracle doesn’t happen.

Natural therapy coaching running a successful practiceWhen you schedule the first appointment, clearly outline what they can expect, so that they have no unrealistic exceptions

Some discussions are best spoken about one on one but I’m sure that there are certain things that you find yourself repeating over and over.

You can automate the basics and still maintain your level of personalisation. Optimising your time allows you to concentrate more on their particular situation. .

One of the things you might consider is:

  • sending a welcome pack with information about what they can expect
  • include this information in a downloadable format on your website
  • Ask them to join your mailing list

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